How to: A Better Night’s Sleep

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How to sleep better | Get quality sleep Naturally |

How to get a great night’s sleep naturally:

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The new year is here and many, like myself, look for ways to better themselves to have a healthier and happier year than the last.

Sleeping is something I absolutely love but always neglect. It’s not that I can’t sleep, it’s more that I don’t want to. I have so much to do, sleeping is often on the back burner. And when I do get to sleep, my mind races, I toss and turn and wake up EXHAUSTED.

Raise your hand if you think there are not enough hours in the day. Yup. Me too.

However, I have started implementing ways that have drastically improved my sleep. I have started making these simple tricks a habit and I have seen how much more alert and healthy I am throughout the week.

Naps? Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Here are my 5 steps to a better night’s sleep.

Step 1: Set a bedtime alarm.

One of the reasons I can’t get to sleep is that I lose track of time. Between catching up on my tv shows, snuggling my cat and fulfilling Etsy orders, I rarely look at the clock. Before I know it, it is already 11:30 and I haven’t even started a shower.  You probably set an alarm so you don’t miss work. Set an alarm so you don’t miss something equally important, sleep.


Step 2: Turn off all screens.

A hard but very important step. Your phone, tv, and computer also need a bedtime. Tuck those kids in bed! Screens have a way of stimulating our brain that make it hard to wind down and get into sleep mode. You have heard it before but it’s time to REALLY do it. I mean, it can be dangerous too! How many have been laying in bed, messing around on their phone and then accidentally drop it on their face?


Step 3: Put your pet away.

I got into a bad habit of letting my cat wonder at night. If you have a cat you know that they are notorious for knocking things off counters and deciding 2am is the perfect time to scratch on their post that they literally NEVER scratch. Put the kitty away. Train your pup to sleep in a crate in the next room. You are thinking, wait what no that’s so mean. Will your children sleep in your room every night? NOPE. So, again, tuck the kids in bed. Eliminating that distraction and potential loud noise will make for a better night’s sleep.


Step 4: Noise Machine on loud.

Some may not need a soothing hum to sleep, but I sure do! Instead of a fan or using your phone, check out this noise machine from Amazon. It is something I don’t sleep without. I take it with me when I am out of town-not kidding, friends. I have had it for over a year and it is still my favorite thing in my apartment.


Step 5: Bathe in Lavender.

Okay, not completely bathe but adding lavender has been the cherry on top when it comes to sleep. You can find lavender lotion and lavender bubble bath but that really wasn’t cutting it for me. I love the smell but I needed something stronger. I started using lavender essential oil and have really seen a difference in not only quality but how quickly it works. I use Young Living essential oils and have created a little bedtime routine using a few of their products. I made a ‘pillow mist’ with Lavender and Cedarwood that I spray on my pillow. I also put lavender behind on my ears and on my wrists. To top it all off, I diffuse lavender and Stress Away together. Stress Away is a blend of several other plants by Young Living. By applying it to my pillow, directly on my skin and in the air, I create a calm and soothing environment perfect for sleep.

If you are interested in Young Living essential oils, check out this post which gives a lot more detail on how to buy and become a member.

lavender essential oils for a great night's sleep

There you have it friends, my 5 steps to a great night’s sleep!

As always, let me know if you have any questions. If you have other suggestions on how to get a great night’s sleep, leave them in the comments!


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How to sleep better | Get quality sleep Naturally |



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