How to: Pick the Perfect Christmas Card

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How to pick the perfect Christmas Card |

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Every year I always looked forward to receiving Christmas cards from family and friends in the mail. You may think my family chunks them after the holidays – FALSE! That 2001 card where you are missing teeth? Still have it. My mom binds all the Christmas cards from each year so we can go back and see how everyone has grown up. It is one of my favorite things to do when I go back home.

Sending out Christmas cards with your family portrait is a relatively new thing and I am so happy about it. I say this because the early early cards from when my sister was a baby about 15 years ago, didn’t have much to them. Most were cards with a printed photograph stuck inside.

Today, you can easily go on to sites like Minted and Tiny Prints and order high quality cards. You can even have those websites address, stamp and mail them for you. Hello, 21st century.

As the full time designer and creative one of the friend group, I always get asked “Does this look okay??” It may be a Save the Date or a Bridal Shower Invitation and next will be Christmas cards. I love it! It is what I went to college for and what I enjoy doing every day. I love when people ask for design advice.

So, today I thought I would share Kinsey approved Christmas cards! I took all of these from Minted, my favorite place to order cards and envelopes! Just click on the image and it will take you right to the website’s page!

Of course, there are MANY other great cards out there! There are a few rules to stick to when it comes to design.

Photography : Choose a high quality image that showcases your family! While iPhones are nice, I would recommend having your photo taken on a DSLR by a friend or professional photographer. Make sure everyone is coordinated and not wearing any funky colors like purple or neon that may interfere with your designs! Have several options to choose from so you can play with design placement later.

Designs : Find a card that says an appropriate message and works with your photography. As you’ll see there are vertical and horizontal cards. Obviously, choose a design that doesn’t cover up anyone. Take advantage of white spaces and the sky like card #2 so you can place your design there! If your photos don’t work that way, check out cards like #3, #4 and #6! As a design rule, don’t go for crazy. Less is MORE. Stick to designs with 2-3 fonts and only a few colors. Remember, less is more! 😉

There is a perfect card out there for you! Everyone will love seeing your beautiful face!

Send out your Christmas cards as soon as you can! I would send them the first week of December so your friends and family can enjoy them the entire month!

If you are really having a hard time, you are always welcome to message me 🙂



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Don’t forget about custom stamps and envelopes!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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