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Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him

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It’s that time of the year! The last people I shop for are the men in my life. Why are they SO difficult to shop for?

Shopping for men can be really hard sometimes. Most of the time, I think they would just prefer a six pack and a good dinner.

However, being the gift giver I am, that is never enough.

I went to my favorite source, Etsy, and found a few really unique gifts for him. Or me. I would gladly take any of these.

Here are my top 10 gifts for him from Etsy.


1 // Texas Cutting Board by Aheirloom

If you are not from Texas, they have cutting boards for every state. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook or grill and is proud of their state. Personally, I think the Texas board is the coolest but I am a LITTLE biased 😉

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


2 // Canvas and Leather Toiletry bag from SivaniDesignsShop

Have a man who likes to travel? Spoil him with a customized toiletry bag. This would also make a great groomsmen’s gift.

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


3 // Personalized Bottle Opener by MyPersonalMemories

Who wouldn’t mind having another one of these in the kitchen drawer? This shop has a lot of personalized gifts if you need a custom shot glass or beer glass to go along with it!

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


4 // Custom Wood Watch by CreativeUseOfTech

Dress your man up in a wooden watch. It’s super trendy and looks smart and sophisticated. It can be worn casually and dressy.  Does he have an apple watch? This Etsy shop makes awesome leather bands. I want one?

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


5 // Custom Whiskey Rocks by APersonalizedWedding

Another great groomsmen’s gift, here. These are also a great price at only $10!

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


6 // Personalized Grilling Set by RCPersonalizedGifts

This is a no brainer for the guy who loves to cook. Want to make it more fun? Get one of these goofy aprons for them to open first. I love gag gifts 😉

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


7 // Hawkins Middle School Shirt by CaseysQualityPrints

Does bae have a favorite show? Find something subtle from the show and gift it like this tshirt seen in Stranger Things. It’s subtle but super cool. #BringBackThe80s

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


8 // Personalized Leather Bracelets by PersonalizedTreazure

Not all guys love to wear jewelry but these are simple, manly and still have a touch of personalization.

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


9 // Men’s Soap by RusticJoySoap

I don’t know about you, but I like my men clean. It might be nice to let your guy have his own soap instead of making him use your Bath & Body Works Pumpkin soap.

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


10 // Beer Flight Stand by BarrelArtLLC

There are a million of these to choose from on Etsy including this one in the shape of states or this one that is more like a paddle for easy carrying! Talk about an interesting and fun gift. Pair it with a custom six pack from the grocery store.

Gifts for Him | Christmas Gifts for Him


What do you think of these gifts? Of course, there are a ton of other options over at Etsy.

Thanks for reading!



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