January Favorites: Ro’s Argon, Hydro Flask, Handwritten Notes

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January Favorites | MissKinseys.com

If Oprah can have them, so can I right?

This is a new series to document my favorite things from the month. I love trying new things and telling people about it. Here is the beginning!

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My January 2017 favorites:

Lush Skin Conditioner – Ro’s Argan

January Favorites | Ro's Argan Lush Skin Conditioner
From Lush.com:

After washing up, massage it all over your body, then rinse and pat dry for supremely soft, vanilla and rose-scented skin.

I got this for Christmas and O-M-G. I never buy myself Lush unless I am for some reason, really “rich”, which is never.  I love Lush and wish I could buy everything but rarely indulge. I MIGHT get a bath bomb but never venture into the other products. I was beyond excited to receive the skin conditioner as a Christmas gift. It’s like skipping the post-shower lotion. This is great for me because I am usually way too lazy to put on lotion after a shower. Seriously, you put it on at the end of your shower, rinse off, towel off and your done. Lotion already applied!

Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves is Young Living‘s “immunity” oil and has kept me strong during these winter months. Living in Texas brings on a whole new meaning to staying healthy with the constantly changing weather. Each night I apply Thieves to the bottoms of my feet. It stays on my nightstand most days!

You’ll see me post a lot about essential oils – I LOVE them. It was hard to pick a favorite. I am excited to try a few new oils next month including Joy, Hyssop and Helichrysum. (Not Affiliate Links). Hyssop fuels creativity, Joy supports healthy emotions and Helichrysum is great to help you focus.  If you ever have any questions about them, I’d love to share my research. Shoot me an email! Howdy@KinseyStewart.com 🙂

Hydro Flask

January Favorites | Small Mint Hydro Flask
I am a huge Yeti fan but found a new love this month. My super cute mint Hydro Flask has been in my sight at all times. I got it as a gift from my parents so I get to think of them each time I sip. I add my drop of lemon essential oil and my water is cold all day. It is super durable, perfect size and very cute! It would be a great gift idea for someone as well! They come in lots of colors and sizes. Collin has one too!

Stabile Marker Pens

I have always been obsessed with pens and markers. It is just the artsy person inside of me. New things always make me happy. That sentence sounds a little bit of a jerk so let me clarify. I love new crayons, a fresh jar of peanut butter, a pair of new socks… these are really ordinary things but I just get so excited about them. I was SO excited to find these pens in a gift from a friend. She knows me so well! They are AMAZING to write with and absolutely affordable. I will 100% be ordering more.

A Wedding Photo

January Favorites | A Wedding Photo
Another Christmas gift and one of my favorite things this month. I opened it, set it on my coffee table and it hasn’t moved! I was Maid of Honor in Paige’s wedding last October and I am so glad I have this sweet picture to constantly remind me of our friendship and the amount of love I have for her, her husband and her family. I am so lucky to be surrounded by awesome people in my life. Printing photos is not the first thing that comes to mind in this age of social media and technology. But, I think I should start printing and framing more photos.

A Handwritten Note

This card came in the mail from a precious friend who I have not seen in more than a year. Even though we live across the country from each other, I know she is such a true friend. It is so awesome to see that distance does not change some things. Also, I just love snail mail. I challenge you to send a piece of mail to someone who may need a little pick me up. 🙂

These are my favorite things from this month! I love sharing. If you have any products you are currently obsessed with, leave them in the comments! I’d love to try something new. It may even end up in my next Favorite’s post!

Have a wonderful day!


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